Thursday, February 26, 2015

[WIP] Harlequin Skyweaver

Just some quick WIP pics of my first Skyweaver.  There's still some work on the rider herself that needs to be done.  The back guy just has some base colors on him.  Hopefully I can finish by at least Sunday.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Harlequin Troupe Master

I took a must needed break from the murder clowns.  I decided to get this Troupe Master done before starting on the Skyweavers.  He was finished just a few hours before the mail came.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Harlequin Player Step by Step Tutorial

I had a request for a step by step tutorial for my Harlequin technique, so here it is.  I like to do tutorials, but I always think to do them after the model is finished though.  I hope people find this guide helpful.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Harlequin Shadowseer

The Harlequin models continue to roll off the painting table.  This time it's a Shadowseer.  

Much like the last player posted, this is a sprucing up of a previously painted model.  This time though, it was a much more extensive job.  Every part of the model saw some work done to it.  

The photographs have a tendency to over state the white highlights on the model.  It was there with the Solitaire, but more noticeable here on the Shadowseer.  

The rest of the model is fairly standard Harlequin fare.  I chose to limit the diamonds for two reasons.  First, there isn't a lot of places to make them work.  Second, I feel that the Shadowseer would have a bit more understated look.

I plan on getting a new plastic Shadowseer.  The model looks awesome and with the leaked FOC, having 7 Elite slots gives the option for a lot of Seers.

As for what's next, it's more players.  I flirted with doing some batch painting, but it didn't feel right.  I did two to start off with and did a good amount of base-coating, but ultimately decided to focus on just one model at a time. 

Harlequin Player II

This is an older metal sculpt Harlequin Player.  I just had to spruce him up a bit and bring him along with the new plastic style.  I think the model still stands up.  I think i'll differentiate the Troupes by their hair color.

I have a Shadowseer on the verge of completion.  I am really excited for the new plastic one, but it doesn't hurt to have options.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Harlequin Player I

I've been on a roll for two days now.  It must be all those years of Harlequin drought.  

I really like this pose.  The backward sword just screams Harlequin to me.  That matched with the pistol, makes for a cool pose.  The mask didn't quite come out right due to the pure whiteness though.  I like how the capes on these new Harlequins are optional.  Not only do they shoehorn in painting options, but makes everything look the same.  

I plan on starting up another one tonight, but stupid work will get in the way of finishing it.  I still really want to get the bulk of these done before the Skyweavers roll in.  

Monday, February 9, 2015

Harlequin Solitaire

So I got myself to the gaming store today and picked me up some Harlequins.  I got a Troupe box and a Solitaire.  I've got them all assembled and I really like everything so far.  I was apprehensive about getting a Troupe box seeing as I have 16 Players and 2 Masters, but I couldn't pass up those beatiful models.  The extra bits are welcome as well.

I cannot explain how much I love this Solitaire model.  It's dynamic, but still very understated.  Compared to the old school Solitaires from the late 90s, this is just amazing.  I chose to leave off the phase out bit off the cloak.  I just don't like it.

Paint scheme wise it's a very limited palette.  The model is predominately black and several shades of purple.  It definitely gets some inspiration from the GW paint scheme, but I changed some things to fit my Eldar aesthetic.  

Next up are the Troupers.  I chose not to build a Troupe Master and went with six Players.  I would really like to get them done by the time the new Jetbikes drop, so I have my work cut out for me.