Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skaven Stromvermin Command

The command for my 40 strong Stormvermin unit.  This unit was the first real big fantasy unit that I started individually highlighting the model.  You wont find any drybrushing on these guys.

Vampire Counts Grave Guard Command

It only took me 5 years after they were primed to get around to my Grave Guard.  I have a unit of 20 of these guys.  This is just the command to give an idea of what the whole unit looks like.

Vampire Counts Heroes

These are my Vlad and Krell models.  The Vlad is an older paint job that I updated a bit and added a few things to. The Krell so far is my only Finecast model.  After all the work I had to put into him the only real advantage to me for Finecast is the lighter weight.  All in all not a fan of Finecast so far.

Corpse Cart

This Corpse Cart was part of my Vampire Counts army update that coincided with the new army book.  This was to replace the other cart that was bashed into my War Alter of Ulric for my Empire army.  Everything is new except the zombies.

Eldar Farseer

This is an older paint job from Justin.  He refers to him as "starcloak".  I have had to convince him several times not to repaint this model.

Eldar Jet Bike

Justin has two of these done now.  This is just one of them.  The snakeskin looks real sharp in person.  His whole Eldar force has this bone style theme to it.

WIP High Elf

Justin hasn't touched this guy in a few weeks, he's been distracted with all his new Eldar.  Really his shield just needs some work and his gems need to be done for him to be complete.

Dark Eldar Venom

The three other Venoms are in various stages of completion each requiring a few hours on each to complete them.  I hope to have them finished by next week.  Word is we might actually play a game.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on completions

The 4 Venoms are still in the same condition that they were a month and a half ago.  My terrain work has pretty much stopped as well.  On a positive note though I have completed a large chunk of my Vampire Counts army update.

Vampire Counts were my 3rd army that I started in fantasy and still is my largest.  The bulk of it was acquired through a trade of my 'Nid army that I played at most two games with.  I have added units over the years and it has grown into a sizable army of around 15k points.  Most of the army was painted in only a few weeks so it lacks a lot of in-depth work.  In recent weeks though I have finished a Mortis Engine, 20 great weapon Grave Guard, a Banshee, 3 Spirit Hosts, a Corpse Cart, a few vampires, and the new Krell Finecast.  They have created quite a backlog for minis to be photographed.  Right now I am concentrating on updating my two horse units of skellies that are 50 man strong in size.  It's a large task, but a lot of it is updating the scheme and changing out shields.  After the skellies will be the 60 or so zombies that are barely even table standard in completion.

On other fronts Justin is knee deep in his Eldar army.  There hasn't been any completed models yet, but he has a large amount of items he is working on.  He spent something like 15+ hours on just the gunners/pilots for his Falcon and 2 Fire Prisms.  There are also several Jetbikes, 9 Warlocks, a Farseer, and Storm Guardians that have received attention in the last month or so.

Hopefully I can stop painting for a bit and get some pics taken of recent work from both of us over spring break.