Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Eldar Harlequin Players

 Here's three updated Harlequins for my Masque.

All three of these guys were in various levels of completion.  There was also a good amount of updating in regards to certain colors and techniques that match the rest of my Aeldari stuff.

One of the biggest barriers to me going into this was doing more diamond patterns.  Honestly though, they've gone pretty painless.  You can probably see there's a lot of black on these guys.  I've decided to keep a lot of it in place.  I think having some variety in the Troupes is a good thing.

Taking pics of Harlequin faces is still a challenge.  White faces with a fairly dark miniature makes exposure a challenge.

I've got another update almost done with seven more on the table.  Unfortunately these are the ones that need the most work.  Two of them aren't even primed.  I've got 4 more vehicles and another Troupe box on order to finish the 2k army list.

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